Porcelain Crowns and Caps in Winnipeg

Crowns and caps are used for a wide range of cosmetic and functional reasons. From broken and chipped teeth to discolouring or issues from large cavities, a crown and cap can be used to repair your tooth and enhance its look.

What are Porcelain Crowns and Caps?

A porcelain crown is a tooth-coloured cap that covers the entire visible portion of the tooth above the gum line. They are used to protect the tooth, and are crafted to match your natural teeth’s shape, size and colour.

What Does Getting a Porcelain Crown Entail?

We begin by creating a detailed mold of your tooth, and a temporary crown will be added to your tooth for protection. During a second appointment we will test and adjust the new crown, and then cement it in place.

Reasons for Crowns:

  • Decayed or fractured teeth
  • Cosmetic enhancements
  • Fractured or large fillings
  • Root canals

Caring for a New Crown

We will provide you with detailed care instructions at the end of the appointment. Proper oral care and dental check-ups will ensure your crown stands the test of time.