Winnipeg Dentures

At Harte Dental, we offer both complete and partial dentures — removable dental appliances that will bring your smile back to its original glory. From speaking to chewing and, of course, smiling, our dentures will help you reclaim your life, and help you maintain the health and position of your remaining natural teeth.

What are Dentures?

Denture are used to replace missing teeth and surrounding tissue. There are two main types of dentures: 1) A complete denture, which will replace all teeth in an arch, and 2) A partial denture, which replaces several teeth in an arch.

Today’s modern dentures are more comfortable, durable and convenient than ever, and our removable dentures can match the look and strength of your original teeth to give you a strong, brilliant smile.

What Does Getting Dentures Entail?

The first step is creating a mold of your teeth so we can begin creating the optimal dentures for your unique needs. Over several appointments we will test out different shapes, colours and sizes before creating your new set of dentures. After a test fitting and any necessary adjustments, you’ll have a brand new smile ready to stand the test of time!

Caring For New Dentures

Many people experience speech/chewing difficulties, mouth soreness or elevated levels of saliva in the first days of their new dentures. Once your facial muscles get used to the new addition, this will subside. Regular dental visits will ensure that all is well with your new dentures, and proper oral care and diet will help them retain their strength and natural appearance.