Root Canals in Winnipeg

Have no fear! Modern advancements in dental care and the latest tools and anaesthetics have made root canal procedures more pleasant than ever. Compared to the pain you may be feeling from a severely damaged tooth, a root canal will likely feel like a walk in the park!

What is a Root Canal?

When the nerves and/or pulp inside a tooth are damaged, a root canal is used to remove the decay and repair the tooth. Using this procedure, even severely damaged teeth can be saved.

Reasons for a Root Canal

There are many signs that you may need a root canal, including an abscess on the gums, sensitivity to hot and cold foods, and also severe tooth pain or tenderness. These issues are often caused by:

  • Tooth injury or trauma
  • Decay that has reached the pulp
  • An infection inside the tooth

What Does Root Canal Therapy Entail?

Root canals generally take one or two appointments, performed by either a dentist or endodontist. The procedure begins with an opening being created at the top of the tooth so the dentist can remove damaged pulp, bacteria and nerve tissue. The tooth is then filled and sealed back up with a crown.

Caring for Teeth After a Root Canal

You can expect some inflammation after the procedure, but this will quickly subside. Before leaving Harte Dental we will give you full, detailed instructions on how to care for your tooth.