Winnipeg Dentistry for Children

Children’s Dental Services in Charleswood

Harte Dental offers a full range of children’s dental services right here in Charleswood! Our children’s dentistry services include check-ups, cleanings, reconstructive dentistry, root canal treatments, pulp therapy, behavioural management, orthodontics and more.

Plus, through advanced bacterial testing, we can help identify children at a higher-risk of tooth decay and recommend tailored treatment plans as early as possible.

A Playroom Extravaganza for Kids!

Charleswood is a family neighbourhood through and through — that’s why we’ve made Harte Dental a true kid destination! They will have a blast playing on the play structure in our waiting room or playing the latest games on our iPad wall! We want your kids to love going to the dentist!

The Importance of Starting them Early

The Canadian Dental Association recommends bringing your kids in for a first check-up within 6 months of their first tooth. We agree! We want to see them, at minimum, by age one. That way we can be sure to see them BEFORE there is an issue that we can help prevent. By introducing them to oral health as early as possible, we can educate and empower your children to develop a lifetime of positive habits.